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lcg opening Artifactuality and Actuality - Visual Representation and the Production of Truth in Art and the News Media

Dr John Crossley, Phd Thesis (2007)


Artifactuality and Actuality is a Fine Art project, studying visual representation and the production of truth in art and the news media. 'Artifactuality' is a neologism used by Jacques Derrida to describe the process whereby a sense of actuality is actively produced, and the term provides a point of departure in considering the social and political effects of media imagery. Art practice and an associated written theoretical reflection are used as a means of examining the relationship between photographic images and reality. Examples from newspapers, news websites and television news programmes are used as the basis for paintings and for case studies.

The project comprises two bound volumes, a CD and the exhibition of a body of artwork. Volume One deals with a selection of theoretical positions relating to visual representation and the media, adopted in philosophy, media studies and cultural studies. Volume Two is a dossier documenting the artwork that was produced as part of the research and the various exhibitions of this work. It also offers a critical reflection upon the art practice, and reproduces the written material that was disseminated in conjunction with it. An exhibition of ten paintings at Leeds City Art Gallery, 11 March - 30 May 2006, entitled Artifactuality, represents the culmination of the art practice.

lcg opening
lcg opening